The Z1 Reception is characterised by rigorous and elegant lines, which combine style and functionality in a modular product. Z1 develops with imposing volumes, which furnish without being overbearing.

The spacious top and functional accessories make Z1 an example of order and practicality. Cable trays and doors for access to cables discretely conceal cables, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the reception area.
Lighting is a central feature of Z1: the rational geometry of lines is highlighted by led strips, which define intersecting modules and exalt the dialogue between main bodies and the base. The led lamps complete the composition, illuminating the interior to create an inviting ambience.
Thanks to the product’s modularity, the composition of Z1 elements adapt to different space and function requirements. The structure is available in a lacquered finishing, with colour options ranging from vibrant to neutral and pastel tonalities, which are soft and enveloping, so that it adapts to different kinds of interiors.

Designer: Quadrifoglio

Country: Italy

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