The X1 desk stands out for its minimalist designsimple ergonomics and eternal elegance. The structure is inspired by the concept of “Less is more”. The philosophy that lies behind the table’s functionality and geometric lines. The X1 system is modular and patented.
The dimensions of the sections of components are always the same to guarantee the incredibly simple modularity of the desk.
The surface of the X1 is supported by crosspieces and 30×30 mm legs, culminating in a corner joint with just a single screw.
The top can be either 18 mm or 25 mm thick and fitted with spacers to satisfy different style requirements.

The desk can come equipped with various accessories, such as cable tidy ports and drawer units. This keeps the work surface free of clutter, because functionality is not an accessory, but, a question of accessories. The bench version can be enriched and made even more comfortable with the addition of soundproof panels. Therefore, it improves both acoustic comfort and aesthetics, bringing a touch of originality to every space.

From modern to industrial styles, through to more personal interpretations of the classics, the X1 caters for all visions thanks to the wide range of customizations available for its finishes and accessories.

Designer: Quadrifoglio Group

Country: Italy


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