S1 is a chair collection of small, medium and large versions. A chair with four legs base entirely upholstered in leather, faux leather or fabric. Piping in leather customizable in solid color or contrasting the upholstery Steel feet available in small or large version.

Structurally, S1 is a solid and sturdy chair but with an out of the ordinary silhouette.

Light and dynamic, it is characterized by a continuous and harmonious line, which elegantly unites all its parts. Sinuously defined curves characterize the entire design. The backrest has a delicately enveloping shape, which widens at the top, to offer adequate support to the back and shoulders. The seat, is also ergonomic, bending forward to smoothly join the legs, avoiding sharp edges and corners. An aesthetic quirk, and a connotating detail, is the external seam of the backrest upholstery. The piping follows the upper profile of the shell and runs sideways to embrace the leg, adding a sophisticated touch.

Designer: Midj

Country: Italy


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