Pop Square

The structure of the desk is made from a steel tube with a rectangular cross-section (45 mm x 20 mm). Its bent and welded to form the vertical uprights of the leg and the lower beam. Also, the uprights are then joined together by the square section (45×45 mm) upper beam. Thus, the typical closed shape characterizes this collection. The structure is available in white colour. Aluminium and black finishes and can be integrated with a melamine closing panel to guarantee privacy. The 18 mm thick melamine worktops are available in different finishes and in the following sizes: :100 – 120 – 140 – 160 – 180 and 200 cm. The multitude of accessories that complete the collection, such as storage units, CPU holders and hanging metal drawers, offer a well-organized workstation that improves efficiency.

The Pop Square collection benches are available in two depths: 125 and 165 cm. The 165 cm deep tops can be fitted with a tilting flap. This allows access to the lower electrification duct and makes the desk wiring more practical. The dividing screens, proposed in melamine or upholstered in fabric and glass. They are an excellent concentration boosting element and improve sound absorption. Also, they are equipped with a special milled surface. Thus, it allows the attachment of metal accessories such as stationery trays, paper trays, document and object holders, which can be combined as desired, according to the specific needs of the user.

Designer: Frezza

Country: Italy


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