Pop Easy

The modular conference tables, both square and rectangular in shape, are suitable for informal meeting rooms. The different wiring solutions support brainstorming and productive comparisons allowing all participants to connect with their laptops.

The operative desks, with a depth of 80 cm, are available in the following different lengths 100 – 120 – 140 – 160 – 180 – 200 cm. This offers the possibility to choose the most suitable size for your spaces. The side extensions also allow you to extend the working surface. Operative islands connected to service furniture used as archives and supporting elements, give the environment in which they are inserted a productive and dynamic working atmosphere. The load-bearing service cabinets, that can be 120 and 165 cm long, not only allow easy accessible storage, but also a complete electrification of the workstation, totally hidden inside the technical compartment.

The modularity of the Pop Easy collection bench compositions, 125 and 165 cm deep, makes the collection adaptable to any type of environment, making the best use of space and promoting collaboration. Screen dividers in melamine or covered in fabric or glass and a choice of accessories personalize the workstations, making them functional and welcoming, stimulating people to do their work.

Designer: Frezza

Country: Italy


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