Phylo bookcase create microarchitectural comforts and designs. The painted embossed steel structure, available in white (RAL 9010), black (RAL 9005) and green-grey (RAL 7009), has a square section of 20×20 mm and embodies the distinctive features of modularity and customization, both in terms of finishes and wall or freestanding compositions. Its versatility allows it to be used in office and contract spaces.
Phylo‘s structure gives flexibility from a compositional and functional point of view. Available in 5 different heights (46, 84, 122, 160, 198 cm) and with two shelf lengths (40, 80 cm), Phylo allows compositions to be created to suit different needs. The intermediate sides, with double perforations, allow compositions with different heights, creating compositional games that adapt to any environment.

There is a choice of three types of shelves: metal, melamine in different finishes and glass. Also, the backs are available in metal or melamine, and there is also a version with a writable MDF panel, white or black, used as a blackboard to make spaces more functional. A wide choice of containers enriches the bookcase: metal trays, available in two lengths, which can be used as plant or object holders, melamine containers available in the open version or with hinged doors, and finally, functional lockers optimal for having a space in which to temporarily store one’s personal items. The lockers are available with standard key lock, with code lock or with RFID locks that can be opened with magnetic cards.

Phylo, with height 48 cm version, can become a comfortable bench with a soft upholstered cushion. Thus, functional to create waiting areas where colour and geometry play a key role.

Designer: Frezza


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