Ode is the operative chair with an international taste, featuring minimalist lines and exceptional functionality, ideal for creating an inviting and ergonomic workstation.

The chair is fitted with a built-in hi-tech Synchro mechanism, MEC28, which discretely blends in with the monocoque, for seat height and position adjustment, to best meet personal requirements without undermining its clean-cut and essential aesthetic appeal.
MEC28 is a synchronised self-adjusting device with 4 blocking positions, guaranteeing soft and antishock back return.

The monocoque and all other details provide user well-being, from the armrests to the adjustable lumbar back rests, so that you face each working day in the best possible way. Ode is also available in the tall version with headrest, providing fundamental back and cervical support during long hours at the office.

Ode adapts to single and shared stations; thanks to its customizable colors, it confers a distinctive character upon any office.

Designer: Quadrifoglio Group

Country: Italy


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