Balance between innovation and quality, comfort and representativeness. These are the main features of the ‘Dr’ collection. The combination of craftsmanship, design and technology, results in the creation of a product with an unmistakable identity and character. ‘Dr’ executive desk is a symbol of the Made in Italy trademark, in which precious materials and refined design combine to create a timeless iconic style.
An airy, essential and dynamic wooden structure, that holds in suspension a glass or wood top in a magical balance of opposing forces.

The captivating design enhances the materiality of the solid wood and the surface; obtained from a natural walnut wood veneered top and edged with a solid walnut profile with rounded edges.
The line and dimensions of the desk (W. 210 cm D. 100 cm) bring style and beauty into the home.

The crystal tops are proposed in three variants: extra-clear transparent glass and white lacquered, both 15mm thick, and smoked glass, made of 88.1 (8+8 mm) laminated glass. Like a sculpture, each part of the desk composition with service cabinets has been conceived and designed as full and empty spaces. In addition, the service cabinet comes in two sizes (W. 187 cm and W. 220 cm). Also, it alternates open compartments with closed storage spaces with drawers.

All the elements that compose the structure of the service cabinet join at 45°. The upper part of the cabinet seems to float suspended in the air. It’s made with a 40 mm thick top, internally milled, on which a tempered glass top is placed. The cabinet is supported by hand refined solid walnut or mahogany kotibè feet for the lacquered version. This version is integrated with steel levelers for the adjustment of the floor furniture.

Designer: Frezza

Country: Italy


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