The executive seat Diesis exudes an essential personality and features an environmentally friendly design, paired with refined and sinuous aesthetics and developed with cutting-edge construction characteristics.

Dièsis is available in three versions: tall with a headrest, low with a swivel base, and a visitor’s model. The tall seat version of Dièsis is perfect paired with an executive desk: its ergonomic and soft back, upholstered with expanded cold-foam polyurethane and aluminium arms, which can be leather-covered, blend seamlessly in with the structure. The version for visitors makes a welcome addition to any meeting room, enveloping guests in light and elegant comfort.

The selection of materials, a responsible production process and attention to details: Diesis embodies a universe of values in a simple and concise shape, with customizable colors and finishing. Well-being and design converge in a quality product that exudes timeless harmony.

Designer: Quadrifoglio Group

Country: Italy


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