Diade Rock

 Diade Rock is the operative seat featuring an essential and fierce look that fills every working day with energy and well-being. Its excellent ergonomics and customizable aesthetics, make Diade Rock an exceptional model. The soft seat by Dorigo Design make it perfect in different professional settings.

Diade Rock is available in two versions, tall with or without a headrest. Also, it can be customised with features according to requirements. The seat and lumbar back rest cover is available in various fabric and colour options; the grey or black mesh back enriches the seat with a rock vibe.

In order to guarantee unbeatable comfort, the seat is fitted with adjustable lumbar back rests and the MEC05 mechanism, complete with synchro, an antis-hock device, 5 position settings, lateral weight adjustment and seat side shift. Leather or fabric upholstery covers are available, for a matching seat with an original style and meticulous attention to details.

Designer: Quadrifoglio Group

Country: Italy


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