The shape of Deva highlights the attractiveness of this model. Comfort and quality come together in a perfect blend and match various types of environment and corporate identity.  The large backrest with its linear aesthetics has height-adjustable lumbar support (70 mm), providing ergonomic comfort needed during the working day.

The mechanisms are selected to ensure comprehensive well-being and a pleasant sitting experience. Thanks to its ergonomic flexibility, Deva can be quickly adjusted in height by means of a gas pump.
Also, Deva offers synchronized mechanisms lockable in 4 positions. Accordingly, it consists of frontal adjustment of the backrest resistance in relation to the user’s weight and anti-shock system.
In addition, it has integrated seat depth adjustment of 60 mm.

Deva is perfect not only for executive and representative workstations, but also for workplaces with alternating employees and open spaces.

Deva can be fitted with nylon armrests adjustable in 2 sizes, or with comfortable armrests with aluminium support adjustable in 3 sizes: height, depth and rotation.  The base is made of nylon or polished die-cast aluminium and has double-tread, self-locking swivel castors with a diameter of 65 mm.

The proportions and equipment are perfectly balanced. Thus, it gives Deva a discreet style that can be configured with the many upholstery and colour options available. Deva is a valuable ally in an office environment.

Designer: Frezza

Country: Italy


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