C-Stool is the stool that educates the body to actively seek correct posture, encouraging the original exploration of the relationship between person and seat.

The subtle inclination of C-Stool, combined with the absence of back and armrests, guarantees participatory ergonomics, enabling the user to work in a new way, for a more mindful and productive experience during working hours.
Ideal for those with a daily office lifestyle in which sedentariness prevails, not only does C-Stool lead onto a pathway towards full well-being, it also becomes a means for achieving a deeper state of concentration, in which you can truly listen to yourself.

Available in the tall version, with the addition of a footrest rod, or low version, C-Stool effectively adapts to operative stations as well as meeting rooms for informal meetings.
Colors and finishing are customizable and enable the creation of soft or more vibrant pairings between the structure and seat coverings.

Designer: Quadrifoglio Group

Country: Italy


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