Bia is the new executive chair designed by J. Bennet and G. Ingignoli , a product aiming to integrate design and elegance with the most modern concept of ergonomics and comfort.

The backrest shape and the softness of the padding ensure a perfect contact and support of the user’s back. Bia is featured by the elegance of the aluminium armrest, directly connected to the backrest and thus offering a better comfort also when the backrest is tilted. Another distinguishing element of the Bia chair is the synchro mechanism, completely hosted in the seat’s interior. The chair functions such as backrest tilting and seat’s height adjustment are performed by two elegant buttons located underneath the seat. Bia is available both in executive and in executive-meeting versions, the latter with 2 backrest heights.

Executive version can be equipped with a synchro mechanism, lockable in 3 positions, self-adjusting on the user’s weight, while the meeting version can take either a harmonic knee-tilt mechanism or a return to fixed point mechanism.

Designer: Frezza


 Data Sheet

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