Be.1 meeting tables are available in two depths: 125 cm and 165 cm. Thanks to their modularity they can be used to create both small meeting rooms and large ones. The compositions can be made with melamine tops or etched glass on the upper side and painted on the lower side with a melamine under top.

The Be.1 system, composed of desks and tables, is the most suitable solution for contemporary offices with dynamic working environments.  The distinctive feature of this collection is the ring leg, made of a laser cut bent steel tube with a rectangular section (50 mm x 30 mm). From this basic element it is possible to create multiple configurations by connecting desks and benches, adding screens and storage units. In this way it’s possible to meet the growing demand for greater flexibility in office environments, offering a solution to simultaneously support multiple ways of working. The reduced thickness of the melamine tops (18 mm) gives the workstations a sense of lightness, without compromising their robustness and stability. The work surfaces in fact rest on two sturdy beams placed under the top and fixed to the leg brackets.

The careful technical research of the product is confirmed by the different cabling solutions of the desk top, the technical compartments and the simplicity of assembly of all elements such as drawers and multifunctional components.

Designer: Frezza


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