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Astro & Astro Twist

The Astro and Astro Twist are made up of armchairs that can be customised and combined with each other through a coupling system, in order to furnish visiting environments dedicated to hospitality. For example: waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, lounge areas in stations, airports or co-working spaces.

The modularity of the Astro line, initially created from a single piece, a sofa, and then declined in the Twist version with more round and enveloping shapes. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to furnish your space with different style. Its strength lies in its versatility, offering infinite possibilities to create your space. The Astro and Astro Twist collection is ideal to create sinuous and soft compositions, with two-tone combinations of poufs and coordinated tables to place your personal objects.

Designer: Quadrifoglio

Country: Italy


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