Higold Products

The key feature of the Higold Collection is its premium structure. Furniture with aluminum frame and soft cushions that represent the iconic element of the whole Collection. Higold’s products are characterized by curvy lines, inspired from the ocean’s waves.  The aesthetic element translates into a functional characteristic as well. The choice of the materials come from the experienced design of Pininfarina 360° : the aluminum for the structure, coming from car sectors and the fabrics for the cushions, used in the yachts for its resistance. 

Higold is one of the top 20 manufacturers & luxury brands in outdoor furniture, globally. Higold have over 90+ showrooms of luxury furniture all around the world, and a factory of 2,150,000 sqft and it is ever expanding by serving over 5 million global customers. 

The Collection is composed by a modular sofa, a two-seater sofa, an armchair and a coffee table.

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