Non Stop 24Hours

A continuous use of chairs must be designed to overcome constant and intense use by different operators. Thus, 24/7 chairs with multi-shift seating need to be adjustable, durable and reliable. Non-Stop 24 hour / 7 days armchair complies with BS 5459-2 2000 for multi-shift workstations, call centers, surveillance rooms, etc that have someone constantly seated round-the-clock. It has been designed and built to guarantee immutable comfort and robustness over time.NON STOP 24 hour armchair with headrest is always on movement. Thanks to adjustable armrests and lumbar support, it always maintains the ergonomics and functionality of the first day. It’s really tireless.

Also, “Non-stop” is an ergonomic office armchair suitable for multi-shifts workstations, call centers, surveillance rooms, control areas in compliance with BS 5459-2 2000 tests. Therefore, it is a special armchair with swivel armrests conceived and developed for use 24/24 hour on 3 daily shifts, 7 days a week, and guaranteed to carry up to 150 kg. “Non-stop” is equipped with a synchronized mechanism lockable in different positions. Also, it has a slider for seat depth adjustment, tilt backrest with “anti-shock” return system, tension control for back inclination.
In addition, it consists of
a mechanism for back adjustable height and depth lumbar support. The adjustable armrests have a metal structure with polyurethane top pad and are fully adjustable (height – width – direction). A generous padding for the seat and back,  and the relevant dimensions as well, complete the Non-Stop seat. It is unique in its kind, guaranteeing maximum comfort even for long work sessions too.

*Available in black fabric

Designer: Leyform

Country: Italy


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